Starting up at the gym (or returning) includes a free workout plan


If you’re new to the gym or returning after a long hiatus, it’s important to take things slow and focus on building a strong foundation of strength and stability. Weight training is not a race and it’s important to start with low weights and gradually increase as your strength improves.

One key to success in the gym is to listen to your body and be aware of any discomfort or pain in your joints or tendons. If something feels wrong or hurts, it’s probably being done too heavy or with improper form. It’s important to prioritize proper form to avoid injuries and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

Proper nutrition is also crucial for making progress in the gym. Make sure you’re fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and build muscle. While it’s important to get enough protein, there’s no need to go overboard. Aim for around .6 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Any more than that will just be broken down and converted into insulin.

To get started in the gym, try this 3 day split routine:

Day 1: Chest and Shoulders

• Bench press barbell

• Chest flys dumbbell

• Incline chest flys dumbbell

• Incline bench press with dumbbells

• Shoulder press with dumbbells

• Lateral raises with dumbbells

• 1 arm tricep extensions with dumbbells

• Tricep rope push down

Day 2: Back and Biceps

• Seated cable row

• Seated row machine

• Lat pull down

• Back extension (hyper extension) with 5 lbs plate

• Bicep curl with barbell

• Hammer curl with dumbbells

• Concentration curl with dumbbells

Day 3: Legs and Core

• Squats with the barbell rack

• Leg press machine

• Seated leg curl machine

• Seated leg extensions machine

• Seated calf raise

• Planks 3 sets to failure

• Crunches 3 sets to failure

Remember to focus on proper form, muscle mind connection, and aim for 10 reps in 3 sets for each exercise. As you build strength, you can gradually increase the weights and challenge yourself further. With consistent effort and dedication, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

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