Treat your time at the gym with as much reverence as your time at church.


Weight training is the equivalent of lifting weights, not your mood. It’s a serious business that requires you to put your all into it, unless you want to end up looking like a noodle. And let’s be honest, who wants to look like a noodle? But as you progress in your weightlifting journey, you may find that you’re no longer challenged by your current routine, and that’s when it’s time to mix things up. Just like how you change up your Netflix shows to keep things interesting, you should also switch up your weightlifting routine to keep your muscles guessing. It’s called progressive overload, and it’s a fancy way of saying that you should gradually increase the weight, reps, or sets you’re performing. This way, your muscles won’t get too comfortable and turn into couch potatoes.

But it’s not just about adding more weight to the bar, it’s also about perfecting your form. Ever heard of the mind-muscle connection? It’s like the relationship between your brain and your muscles, if your brain is thinking about something else, your muscles will be too. And if your muscles aren’t fully engaged, then you’re just wasting your time at the gym. So when you’re lifting, make sure you’re focusing on the specific muscle or muscle group you’re working on. This way, you’ll not only be properly engaging the muscle during the exercise, but you’ll also be making the most of your gym time.

And let’s not forget about the importance of being present in the moment. Every time you step into the gym, it’s an opportunity for self-improvement. The gym is like a sanctuary, a sacred place where you go to improve yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. So when you’re there, make sure you’re fully immersed in the moment and not thinking about that deadline at work or what you’re going to have for lunch.

But let’s also remember, that weight training isn’t only about physical progress, it’s also a great way to improve your mental health and overall well-being. It’s a great stress reliever, and it can also improve your mood and self-esteem. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel good after a good workout? It’s like a natural high that you can get without any negative side effects.

Additionally, weightlifting also serves as a great distraction from the world’s problems. It’s a way to take a break from the daily stressors and focus on yourself for a bit. At the gym, you can leave your problems behind, and focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

In conclusion, weightlifting is not only important for physical progress, but also for mental and emotional well-being. It’s essential to challenge yourself by continually increasing the difficulty of your workouts, focusing on the mind-muscle connection, and being fully present in the moment. It’s also important to remember the positive impact weightlifting has on mental and emotional well-being. The gym is a sanctuary where you can improve yourself, both physically and mentally.

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